Giving Back

88Veterans is not only an Independent Distributor for anything and everything. We are also a company with a good cause. We started the company with the mind set of helping out our great veterans around the nation. We are giving a small percentage of our overall G.P. to veteran’s organization around the nation. Not only are we giving, we are volunteering out time to help out.

We are setting a goal to help out 88 veterans per year. Either giving them a job here at 88veterans or going to our vendors and customers and asking them for their help finding them a job. In 2014 we are going to set a spot on our website that’s going to have a job posting board as well. We are planning on setting up programs with veterans housing programs. 88Veterans will help in all ways we possibly can to get the hero’s off the streets and into the career’s that will help them live the life they should.

Remember – Freedom isn’t free, every one of our veterans spent time in the US Military making sure that every American can continue living the life that our forefathers fought so hard to start. Please, if you could help out in any way, don’t hesitate to contact us. 88Veterans appreciates you service.