Here at 88Veterans we have built our pride off of our choice of quality Product. We carefully select our vendors off their quality standards. We only offer quality products that are reliable, affordable, and geared towards consumers’ needs.

88Vterans has built a reputation for being the best Quality filter in the independent distribution channel. 88Veterans portfolio includes a broad assortment of computer hardware, software, home and office products, outdoor to ocean, washing machines to palm tree’s you name it and there is a good chance we have already sourced and researched it to make sure you will be getting the highest quality possible.

88Veterans pride and joy of being in business is that we stand behind all our product with top quality standard and requirements. This process has been tried and tested by numerous customers and vendors for strength, stability and sustainability.

Wrapped in this process we have been able to drive the Independent distribution of ALL products to a whole new level. We continuously endeavor to improve our effort to maintain the grace of our system which has been the pinnacle of Quality standards in the industry.