This service shall be available to retailers and distribution who:

  1. have been designated as a qualified supplier and/or agent by customers who have elected to receive
    product under quality schedules
  2. meet the qualification requirements specified in this quality schedule; and
  3. have executed a Supplier Aggregation Service (SAS) Agreement with the Company (Choice Suppliers).



A Choice Supplier may aggregate individual customers, on whose behalf the Choice Supplier is providing a specific product for quality, pricing and delivery management purposes at specified points of receipt on the Company's distribution system or at specified logistic location available to the company on its up-stream capacity. Only customers within the same system delivery zone for the logistic location. Transportation service and utilizing the same nomination option may be aggregated. Interstate product and storage assets will be allocated to Choice Suppliers who will be required to pay for these assets, either through accepting the allocation and directly paying the product or storage operator or choosing the Company’s Asset Mitigation option.



A Choice Supplier desiring service under this product schedule shall contact the company to request service. As a condition of receiving service, the choice supplier shall execute a Supplier Aggregation Service Agreement (SAS).



The following Nomination Options are available under SCDS. Choice Supplier may change option once per year with written notice to the Company.


Company Nomination Option

At the beginning of each month the Company shall provide to the Choice Supplier a good faith estimate of the daily delivery quantities that will be required for the month for Qualifying Customers served by said Choice Supplier under Supplier Choice Delivery Services (SCDS). Such estimated daily delivery quantities may be changed by the Company no later than the time required for such nominations by the delivering product(s), in order to adjust for demand and weather variations.